Not So Fast, Purveyors of Junk Science: Factory Farms Are Not Green

Demystifying the Environmental Sustainability of Food Production, a paper by Jude Capper, Roger Cady and Dale Bauman, demonstrates either a lamentable misunderstanding of the impacts of livestock production practices, or a willful effort to misrepresent the facts. Or perhaps a little of both.

A New Shade of Greenwash

Never an industry to miss the chance to make a quick buck or million, Big Ag has long since jumped on the greenwagon. Lately though, a new shade of greenwash has emerged from the smarmy depths of industrial agricultural marketing departments...

FIJI Water and Parent Company Still Rolling in the Water

So far, 2011 has been a tough year for scandal-prone California agribusiness giant, Roll Global, parent company of bottled water brand FIJI Water, among others. After all the bad press last year, it’s not unexpected that the corporation might want to distance itself from...itself.

Nuke Rebuke: New Report Shows No Need for Indian Point

For years, opponents of the Indian Point nuclear power plant have faced a tough question: where does the replacement power come from if the plant is shuttered? It’s a fair question even from the perspective of a renewable energy advocate.

Greenwashing the Lorax: A Movie Review

In which our intern Sarah tries to go into the film open-minded--as a child would be. Corporate and political rhetoric only serve to distract--and even corrupt--what the Lorax stands for. He "speaks for the trees," but can we hear him?

Greenwashing Food: How to Smell a Rat

We've been talking about corporate "greenwashing" for a while, now, but if food activists have been hard at work talking to consumers about food systems, so have food marketers.

Film Review - Food, Inc.

Food, Inc. may well be the most important, perspective-altering documentary you'll ever digest. Informed by author/activists Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation) and Michael Pollan (The Omnivore’s Dilemma), documentarian Robert Kenner exposes the evolution of food production from the venerable family farm to rapacious big agri-business.

Report: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Too Cozy with Industry

Last month a report calling out the close financial ties between corporate food and beverage companies and registered dietitians group Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) sparked public outcry and highlighted the push for more transparency in the profession.

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