Germany's Effort at Clean Energy Proves Complex

The early stages of switching an entire nation's energy system from nuclear and fossil fuels to renewables are incredibly complex, as Germany is finding out. With a goal of switching to almost entirely solar and wind power by 2050, the nation's energy changes are for now leading to high prices, unexpected road bumps and some nervous stomachs. [New York Times]

The World Needs to Triple its Investments in Clean Energy Innovation

The world needs to triple its investments in clean energy research, suggests a new study by the Paris-based International Energy Agency. That's the bottom line if we're to have a chance of keeping a lid on global warming - to below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. [Washington Post]

Undamming Rivers: A Chance for New Clean Energy Source

As old hydropower dams are removed to undo major damage to fish populations and river ecosystems, some clean electricity is lost. One opportunity to free up migratory fish pathways while replacing the clean energy could be to install solar farms in drained reservoirs and wind turbines on hill ridge. [Yale e360]

Report: Georgia No. 1 for Clean Energy Jobs

In the first quarter of 2015, Georgia was the No. 1 job creator in the clean energy industry, according to Environmental Entrepreneurs, a nonpartisan group of business leaders and investors that promotes environmental policies. [Atlanta Business Chronicle]

Scientists Start $150 Billion Program to Cut Clean-Energy Costs

Scientists and economists (including BP's former chief executive officer, John Browne) are inviting governments to join a $150 billion program that aims to make clean energy cheaper than coal. The 10-year plan will fund research into renewables, power storage and smart-grid technologies. [Bloomberg]

Clean Energy Revolution Is Ahead of Schedule

Stony Brook University professor Noah Smith says, "The takeoff of solar-plus-batteries has only begun to ramp up the exponential curve, and market shares are still small. But it has begun, and it doesn't look like we're going back." It's the biggest renewable news in the energy sector and couldn't come ata better time. [Bloomberg]

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