Drinking Water: Extreme Weather Events Threaten Quality, Says Report

The greatest risks to water quality come from cumulative impacts of extreme weather events that happen sequentially, like a drought followed by a wildfire followed by a flood, says joint Australian-US study. As climate change likely increases the frequency of extreme weather events, resilience must be built into the management of watersheds and water treatment systems for recovery to happen. [Sunday Morning Herald]

Report: Society's Water Safety Net Is Fraying

A new National Research Council report examines possible "tipping points" that might occur if the rate of groundwater pumping rapidly increases. As surface water-scarce regions get drier amidst climate change, early warning water and drought monitoring systems could be necessary to protect precious resources. [Circle of Blue]

Largest School Districts Going with Antibiotic-Free Chicken

Many schools will no longer serve chicken raised using antibiotics thanks to standards from the Urban School Food Alliance, a coalition covering the largest school districts in the US, including New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. The standards will affect the lunches of almost 2.9 million students, helping to push the food industry away from antibiotic abuse. [Food Safety News]

Chicken Factory Farmer Speaks Out

After 22 years of raising chickens for Perdue, one brave factory farmer Craig Watts was at his breaking point and did something no one has done before. He invited Compassion USA, as farm animal welfare advocates, to his farm to film and tell his story.
Take Action: Ask your supermarket for Better Chicken.

Better Chicken

Compassion in World Farming's Better Chicken Initiative offers consumers a petition to major supermarkets to replace their store-brand chicken with a more humane option and improve the lives of billions of chickens.

Chicken From China May Show Up On US Shores

If you haven't switched to local poultry yet, this may be your cue. The USDA finalized paperwork allowing four Chinese plants to process US-raised chickens for export back to the US. Not only will the food miles on birds shipped from the US and back be outrageous, Chinese food processing has an ugly history of food safety scandals, raising concerns about public health. [Modern Farmer]

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