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Short Films. Big Ideas. Real Food Media Project is seeking captivating short films about food, farming, and sustainability. Deadline for submissions is February 3rd.
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Meatless Monday for the Media: Tools and Resources for Media

Media attention can be all it takes to turn your local campaign into a keystone of the worldwide movement. Use this media kit to get the notoriety that your event and organizational efforts deserve. Find helpful hints on working with reporters, planning a successful interview and writing a compelling press release. Use in conjunction with the Meatless Monday general starter kit and there's no telling how far your campaign will take you!


Promotion of residential xeriscaping is starting to pick up on social media among the California and Western US environmental community over the last couple of months. Check out the #DroughtNotDrab hashtag to find out what people have done to their lawns and what you could do to yours. You don't need grass to have a beautiful yard. [Twitter]

What Ever Happened to...Mad Cow Disease?

Bovine spongiform encephalopathy - aka "mad cow disease" - created a media frenzy back in the 1990s, when the UK experienced an outbreak of both the bovine and the human form of the disease. So what ever happened to mad cow disease?

Food Companies Show Concern About Farm Runoff

Heavy fertilizer use on corn and soybean crops in the US Midwest are as commonplace as the resulting water pollution from runoff. Long considered the farmers' sole responsibility, a few giant food companies like Unilever have awakened and finally joined the effort to reduce farm pollution because their profitability could be hurt through reputational risk. [Harvest Media]

Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone Larger Than Expected This Year

Heavy June rains in the Midwest have caused the 2015 version of the annual Gulf of Mexico dead zone to grow larger than predicted. Dead zones form when excess nutrients wash into rivers like the Mississippi, then get dumped into water bodies like the Gulf, killing aquatic life from oxygen depletion. [Alabama Media Group]

Beyond Almonds: A Rogues Gallery of Guzzlers in California's Drought

"Droughtshaming" in this recent wretched stretch of the California drought is a genuine phenomenon where people - and the media - select their water-use villain. The reality is that the situation is so complicated that blaming one part is convenient but misguided. Among the #droughtshaming candidates, go ahead and pick from almonds, cows, water rights laws/politicians, alfalfa, fish, cheap water or our water exports. [NPR]

Silly, Saucy, Scary Photos Show the Many Faces of Ugly Fruit

With 40 percent of food going to waste in the US, activists like Jordan Figueiredo are bringing frequently wasted, oddly-shaped produce to the mainstream. Through social media and other promotions, like Feeding the 5,000 happening in NYC this fall, awareness that ugly is edible is catching on. Feast your eyes on the craziest produce on the web, and embrace (literally) these delicious uglies.

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