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Our Heroes: Dr. Chris Gobler of Stony Brook University (PODCAST)

Last month, Ecocentric’s Kyle Rabin interviewed Dr. Chris Gobler of Stony Brook University. They discussed threats to Long Island’s drinking water supply, harmful algal blooms like brown tide and how a local shellfisherman’s personal story inspired Chris’s path as a scientist and professor.

AQUA Conserve Water

Watch 8-year old Aqua and her dog, Sparky, show her family how to conserve water and save money. Intended for kids in grades K-4 and for distribution by parents and teachers.

Thom Hartmann Interview Peter Hanlon

Thom Hartmann interviews GRACE's Peter Hanlon about FDA guidance on fish consumption, Consumer Reports' advice on tuna and mercury, and how mercury gets into fish in the first place.

Our Heroes: Jane Weissman of the Interstate Renewable Energy Council

A mentor for many in the renewable energy world, Jane Weissman, who directs the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, is widely celebrated for her commitment to clean energy development and education. She is a leader in the effort to establish quality training and certification programs for tomorrow's renewable energy workforce.

Our Heroes: Adam Browning of Vote Solar

Few people know solar energy like Vote Solar's Executive Director Adam Browning. In one moment, you'll find Adam talking about the benefits and wonders of solar energy and in the next you'll see him standing in front of a state public utilities commission talking about complex energy policy. In today's conversation, Adam discusses Vote Solar, how he got into the solar field, and what's on the horizon for his team and the solar industry in the United States.

Our Heroes, Tom Philpott

In this episode, we talk with Tom Philpott, senior food and agriculture writer for Tom is also a founding member of Maverick Farms located in Valle Crucis, North Carolina. This is an interview from our online series, Our Heroes, on the Ecocentric blog (

Our Heroes: Michael E. Campana

In this episode, we talk with Michael E. "Aquadoc" Campana, Professor of Geosciences at Oregon State University, hydrogeologist, hydrophilanthropist and prolific blogger. Listen to him talk about his career path, the world water crisis and what people are doing to solve it. This is an interview from our online series, Our Heroes, on the Ecocentric blog.

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