This Week in Eco News - May 20, 2016

This week's Eco News features stories about expansive poultry recalls; the health benefits of organic versus conventional; the glyphosate debate - and much more!

Taste It, Don't Waste It! Green Garlic and Garlic Scapes

As support for local food has grown, some crops that were previously discarded as farm by-products - like green garlic and garlic scapes - have been adopted by eaters as newly discovered culinary delights. Read on to learn about how to eat up every last bit of the garlic plant!

This Week in Eco News - May 13, 2016

This week's Eco News features stories about why the poultry industry is trying to slow down chicken growth; how Rutgers managed to bring back the vintage and beloved Jersey tomato; the gap between the food we cook and the food we talk about - and much more!

Tristram Stuart on the Zero Food Waste Future

Every movement has its visionaries who push passionately and relentlessly for progress. For the past decade, Tristram Stuart has served this role for the food waste movement. Meet the advocate/activist who created the Feeding the 5000 campaign and thrust food waste into the international spotlight.

Fighting Food Waste with Lunch for 5000

Whoever said there's no free lunch? On Tuesday, over 5,000 people gathered in Union Square to get a free bowl of ratatouille and a piece of torte, all made from food that would've otherwise been wasted. Check out our pictures from the event!

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Rabbit

We know: Rabbit can be a hard sell - it's an unfamiliar meat to many American palates. But there are a lot of reasons to put rabbit on the menu - it's delicious, and is a sustainable source of protein. Read on for more reasons to love rabbit.

RAFI Rallies Around Contract Poultry Farmers, Demanding Justice

In the poultry industry, 96 percent of chickens are raised under production contracts. This means that there are set terms for how the chickens are raised, which inputs the farmer and contractor provide and how the farmer is ultimately paid. Meet Eric Hedrick, a contract poultry farmer from West Virginia whose story gives a face to this injustice.

Define the ''Natural'' Label or Send it Packing

A new report of consumer survey results by Consumer Reports gives more evidence that the public is confused about the "natural" label. A coalition led by Consumers Union is urging the FDA to remove the label from foods, or to change its meaning because it's misleading shoppers.

This Week in Eco News - May 6, 2016

This week's Eco News features the following stories: Do You Eat? Then You Should Care About Agriculture Policy; Feeding the 5000 Addresses Food Waste with Free Meals in Union Square; Babies Who Eat Rice Cereal Have Higher Arsenic Levels, Study Finds - and much more!

How to Avoid Those GMO Booze Blues

A lot of us go out of our way to make sure that we avoid GMOs in our food, so why not expand that to include happy hour drinks? Here's our guide on how to avoid GMOs in your favorite cocktail!

Chatting with NRDC's Food Waste Luminary, Dana Gunders

NRDC staff scientist Dana Gunders helped put US food waste on the map after publishing a seminal report on the topic in 2012. Since then, she's written a book on the topic, and has remained a tireless leader in the growing movement to reduce US food waste.

Real Food Right Now and How to Cook It: Mache

Charming mâche, which grows in tiny rosettes, has leaves with surprising succulence that makes them super juicy - and super delicious. It's no wonder that mâche is gaining popularity here in the States. Given the choice, we say, more mâche!

Five Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste

In the US, we waste 40 percent of all the food we produce, squandering valuable natural resources and contributing to global climate change. But it's incredibly easy to reduce your own food waste. Learn how here!

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