This Week in Eco News - February 27, 2015

The onomatopoeia for this week's EcoNews is "gulp." Why? Because we like gulping water and - gulp - we're a little scared. A new study finds that ocean acidification will negatively impact coastal communities' economies. Plus, hog CAFOs are poisoning the water. One positive: Ohio is moving to protect Lake Erie from more toxic algae.

This Week in Eco News - February 20, 2015

Imagine all of that snow in its thawed form - water - and you appreciate the pickle New England's in. Elsewhere in Eco News, there are 970 million fewer monarch butterflies than there were 20 years ago (thanks Monsanto!) but we can help bring them back. The same goes for improving the scene for solar in the Sunshine State. Get inspired to make the world a better place!

Presidents Gone Green

America's 44 presidents have dealt with environmental and climate issues since our nation's beginning. From Thomas Jefferson to Barack Obama, here's how they've managed and grown our food, water and energy systems!

This Week in Eco News - February 13, 2015

Whether it's corporations, government departments or international agencies, this week was full of big news from big places. We're looking at Monsanto's marketing, the International Energy Agency's forecast, Dow's pesticides, the USDA's meat lab and who should clean up Big Ag's messes. Get all the updates you need with this week's EcoNews.

Cats, Coal and Climate Change: the Real Bird Killers

An art display in Northern Manhattan is drawing attention to some of the 314 bird species threatened by climate change. A look at the causes of bird deaths illustrates that climate change (and by extension, fossil fuels) has become a major threat to birds, after cats and power lines.

This Week in Eco News - February 6, 2014

Eco News is fishy this week. Actually, watery. Lots of water quality news this week, starting with rising mercury levels in the sea - and therefore in the tuna and other fish. There's also a Connecticut-sized dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. Don't worry, there's good news too! Like beer made with recycled water!

Raise the Roof: Solar Adds Thousands to Home Resale Values

Warm up this wintry week with some good news about solar power! A common myth holds that mounting solar panels to the roof of your home can lower its resale value. But a new federal energy agency report may put that myth to rest once and for all.

Be Mine, Sustainable Valentine!

We know Valentine's Day isn't everyone's cup of tea. But who doesn't like love - for yourself, your partner, your friends and yes, the Earth? Here are 8 great ways to celebrate that don't involve lots of cash, plastic junk or greeting card companies.

This Week in Eco News - January 30, 2015

We're highlighting the big revelations that broke this snowy week: from the details of Obama's offshore drilling plan, to a report on the cause of water pollution in aquifers, to uncovering a US meat lab's cruelty towards animals. Get ready to have your eyes opened!

Have a Super Green Big Game Party!

It's Super Bowl time again, sports fans! This year, we have a new goal: make our Super Bowl parties the greenest they've ever been. Here are a few ideas to mull as the big day approaches - whether you're a diehard Seattle Seahawks OR New England Patriots fan.

How to Green Your Workout

Did you make a new year's resolution to work out more? Here are some easy ways to reduce the environmental impact of your new exercise routine!

This Week in Eco News - January 23, 2015

Big news this week: New York City will consider a resolution to bring the city onboard with Meatless Monday; at the State of the Union, President Obama asserted the need for US leadership on climate change. Meanwhile, a city in Montana is trying to clean up after an oil spill in the Yellowstone River.

This Week in Eco News - January 16, 2015

This week, the EPA proposed that some more stringent regulations for chemical dispersants be used - good news for our wildlife and waters. Meanwhile, Vermont's GMO labeling laws are being tested in the courts and there's a lawsuit being filed to better protect Des Moines' water supply. Here's hoping these decisions all help our food, water and energy systems.

On Keystone and Fracking: What's Powering the New Year

2014 wrapped up with generally bad news - for the oil and gas industry! The Keystone XL pipeline remains a pipedream, oil prices have dropped and New York officially banned fracking. Let's take a look at each of these issues and see how things may play out in 2015.

This Week in Eco News - January 9, 2015

The beginning of January is the perfect time to reflect on what we can learn from our past to benefit our future. While putting together this week's EcoNews, our team found articles recapping the biggest news of 2014 and what we'll bring into 2015. Enjoy!

Looking Forward: Our Predictions for 2015

As we settle into the new year - and the 114th Congress begins its term - here are some of our picks for stories to watch, from GMOs and food labeling to food waste to proposed water rules. Not to mention Law and Order: Power Plants!

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