The Clean Power Plan Has Arrived

After years of planning, the Obama administration has released the final rules for a climate change plan that aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and transform the electric industry.

This Week in Eco News - July 31, 2015

This week's Eco News has stories of how bans, incentives and laws can set the stage for how the world's people impact the environment. Government initiatives - or the lack thereof - do have a big impact on the environment. See stories about this and more!

This Week in Eco News - July 24, 2015

This week, we're thinking about the impacts - both positive and negative - of technology. From trains spilling oil to drones uncovering factory farm pollution, it's a lot to make sense of. Eco News is here to help.

This Week in Eco News - July 17, 2015

A big part of sustainability includes protecting the Earth's creatures and habitats. On top of other Eco News, this week we bring you stories from the food, water and energy sectors about protecting the natural world - from bees, to the marshes of Iraq, to a desert island's unique dwellers.

Chill Out! Keeping Cool at Home with Energy Efficiency in Mind

Fans, air conditioners, sitting in the shade - there are lots of ways to stay cool on hot days. Many options for cooling, like air conditioning, require energy. Let's take a closer look at air conditioning, its efficiency and a few alternative cooling options.

This Week in Eco News - July 10, 2015

Sometimes it's the little things we do that make the biggest impact - especially when they inspire others. In this week's EcoNews, many of the stories we found are about just that: a food pantry brings produce to low-income people, a tweak in wording helps Californians save water and it's now easier for under-served communities to get solar. See these stories plus more!

This Week in Eco News - July 3, 2015

This week's EcoNews features some specific - and innovative - solutions to pressing ecological issues, from a dramatic rise in food stamp dollars spent at farmers' markets to the biggest passive energy building in the world. Learn about these amazing efforts towards positive change, and more!

This Week in Eco News - June 26, 2015

On top of all the big EcoNews we've gathered for you this week, we're very excited to announce the launch of the new Eat Well Guide! Use it to search over 25,000 hand-picked restaurants, farms, markets and other sources of local, sustainable food!

This Week in Eco News - June 19, 2015

Whether it's a multinational corporation or a single individual, there's always room for improvement when it comes to protecting our planet and using its resources wisely. This week's EcoNews features run the gamut, from our collective use of the world's aquifers, to supermarkets selling ugly fruit (like these gnarly tomatoes), all the way down to how you -- yes, you -- can cut your energy bill in half.

Sweet Days of Summer, the Algae's in Bloom

Algae can be pesky. We've talked previously about algal blooms causing dead zones and poisoning drinking water. Unfortunately, climate change and nutrient runoff are making algal blooms even worse.

This Week in Eco News - June 12, 2015

So much of making sustainable choices is about looking forward and thinking about what is possible! What would it take to get the US to rely on 100% clean energy? Could we feed everyone from food grown within 100 miles of their home? What happens if fracking precautions aren't taken? Find the predictions and answers in this week's EcoNews.

This Week in Eco News - June 5, 2015

This week's EcoNews features the work of researchers who're solving big mysteries. Why did tens of thousands of dead fish wash up on Long Island? How much water is actually used by Californian farms? How many factory farms are really out there and are they growing? Learn about the efforts to answer these pressing questions and more!

Heroic Endeavors: James Whitlow Delano and @EveryDayClimateChange

Photojournalist James Whitlow Delano created @EveryDayClimateChange on Instagram, a photographic endeavor by a diverse group of photographers from five continents, to document visual evidence of climate change on people and the environment, all around the planet. We talk about his efforts in this week's Heroic Endeavor.

This Week in Eco News - May 29, 2015

One of the best ways to change food, water and energy systems is to change people's perceptions. This week's Eco News features stories about how that can lead to big results. What happens if we thought differently about water use? Would insects be more popular if we focused on taste instead of environmental impact? Find out!

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