algal blooms

In the US, the threat of seasonal harmful algal blooms (aka HABs) continues to grow. Caused by industrial agriculture and factory farming runoff, wastewater treatment plant discharges, and other human-made sources, HABs can be dangerous to people, pets and wildlife.

10 Ways Climate Change Impacts Agriculture and Seafood

With climate change among the issues taking center stage, there is no better time to look at the impact that climate change is having - or will have - on our food. Agriculture and fisheries are highly dependent on the climate, and any changes in climate will have a (sometimes severe) impact on our food.

Algal Doom: The Many Colors of Algae and Their Potential Hazards

Harmful algal blooms don't just wreak havoc by causing oxygen-starved dead zones, but they have the potential to be toxic to humans, land animals, aquatic animals, fish and shellfish. This installment of our Algal Doom series looks at the life cycle of an algal bloom, the "colors" of a few common algae types and their harmful effects.

Algal Doom: What Causes Harmful Algal Blooms?

Algal blooms occur naturally, but human development has knocked the natural nutrient cycling out of balance and made them harmful. This installment of our Algal Doom series looks at some of the major pollution sources, like fertilizer runoff from farm fields, animal agriculture manure lagoons and wastewater treatment plants.

Algal Doom: The Growing Threat of Harmful Algal Blooms

Has the water in your swimming hole gone green with gunk? Chances are that you're witnessing a harmful algal bloom, which is a serious problem throughout the US and the world. Our new Algal Doom series explores what algal blooms are, why they're bad and what they're caused by (hint: conventional ag and CAFOs are just two of the causes).

Making the Grade: Clean Water Proponents Issue Report Card for Long Island Sound

Like parents reviewing their kids' report cards, politicians pay attention to grades. The Long Island Sound report card "makes it clear that while progress has been made to improve the water quality of the Sound, more must be done to preserve this economic engine and local treasure's waters and coastline," says New York Congressman Steve Israel.

Sweet Days of Summer, the Algae's in Bloom

Algae can be pesky. We've talked previously about algal blooms causing dead zones and poisoning drinking water. Unfortunately, climate change and nutrient runoff are making algal blooms even worse.

USDA to Farmers: Plant Your Way to a Cleaner Lake Erie

The toxic algae bloom in Lake Erie that forced Toledo, Ohio authorities to cut drinking water to 400,000 people has subsided, but a major cause of pollution - agricultural runoff - has not. The USDA has taken note and is providing funding and technical support to help farmers reduce pollution.

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