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This Week in Eco News - January 20, 2017

This week’s Eco News features stories about farm flooding in California; food stamps and soda-filled shopping carts; advancements in the checkoff program in the organic industry - and much more!

New Animal Welfare Organic Rules Move Forward

Things may be looking up for all animals raised on organic farms in the US because a set of rules called the Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices (OLPP) have been finalized. The OLPP enacts comprehensive animal welfare standards covering living conditions, healthcare, slaughter and transport.

Taste It, Don't Waste It: Coffee

As much as we all love coffee, it’s not all that uncommon to have a cup (or two) left in the pot. From chocolate cake to savory sauces, we’ve got some fun ideas on how to use up every last drop.

The Need for Inclusivity in Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s in cities and suburbs, and it encompasses everything from soil-based community gardens, to warehouses full of hydroponics, to rooftops farms supplying greens to the restaurants below. Inclusivity in urban agriculture will help our food system grow into a healthier and stronger system for all.


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